The Identity Champions Club


Welcome to the forefront of digital identity. The Identity Champions Club allows you to engage with the most brilliant minds in the identity field today. The Identity Champions Club is an exclusive network that fosters innovation, efficiency, and security in Identity and Access Management. 

The Identity Champions Club

In a world where digital identity is paramount, the Identity Champions Club is your gateway to connect with the brightest minds in identity today.  We're building an exclusive network to foster innovation, efficiency, and security in Identity and Access Management.  Join us in redefining IAM strategies and technologies for the future.

Identity Conversation at Event
Chris Cochran

Chris Cochran

Chris is a cybersecurity leader turned community builder and marketer.  Chris started his career leading technology programs at places such as the U.S. Marines, National Security Agency, U.S. Cyber Command, Mandiant, and Netflix.  As Hacker Valley Media's former co-founder and CEO, Chris has built and run several vibrant cyber communities.  He now turns his attention to ushering in a new community focused on one of the toughest technological challenges we face today: identity.

WIll LIn

William Lin

William Lin is the CEO and co-founder of AKA Identity. As a former VC and founding member at Forgepoint Capital, he has a track record of starting, incubating, investing in, and supporting innovative and successful cybersecurity organizations.  He also co-created and chairs the Security Tinkerers.  This non-profit community brings together professionals and mentors to educate, inspire, and empower current and future cybersecurity practitioners.

Why did we build this community?

The Identity Champions Club emerged from the need for a space where people can come together, learn from each other, and build connections, all focused on enhancing the world of workforce identity. It's a place where professionals from all walks of life can share their experiences, exchange fresh ideas, and work together to navigate the complexities of workforce identity. By creating this community, we're not just exchanging knowledge; we're building a network of support and collaboration that makes a real difference in our professional world.

Membership Benefits

Here's what you gain

Private Events

Exclusive invites to gatherings with industry leaders such as Identity Champions dinners, Identity Champions offsites, and other community events.

Exclusive Resources

Join our community communications channel, receive our community-produced research, and have a direct line to the best identity engineers, architects, and leaders in the world.

Virtual Expert Sessions

Optional sessions with world-renowned speakers.

Premier Access to Prototypes

Community members receive early access to AKA technology.